Syamaprasad Institute of Technology & Management (SITM) was established in 2002 being approved by the Govt. of West Bengal & affiliated to West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT). The college got its affiliation on 06 May, 2002 [College code: 153 / Vide No WBUT Affli. No. 190/Regis/BCA dt. 06.05.2002]. So, 6th May is the Birth day of SITM. A Technological Degree College affiliated to Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT) [previously known as West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT)] has been introduced since 2002. BCA Degree Programme has been imparted therein since 2002. The College SITM, being affiliated to WBUT, initiated its instruction programme as per WBUT academic schedule w.e.f 1st July 2002.

Facilities Provided to Students of SITM

  1. Scholarship for Meritorious Students.
  2. Free Internet for students.
  3. Fees are rational and moderate in comparison to other institutions because SITM is a non – profit institution.
  4. Quality expertise instructions , personal care , friendly environment , hands on training to the students are the essence of excellence who is the institutions maintains.
  5. Full time dedicated, sincere and hard working Faculties is the genuine asset of SITM who are ready to help students round the clock.
  6. Prime location of the college at premises is Tollygunge Siriti More which are well connected with Metro and surface transport .

Rural Development Programme undertaken by SIAE

At Jhargram SIAE has purchased 40 bighas of land & has established its own Centre to cater Computer Education to the tribal, Minority & backward Girls Students under the RDP. SIAE aspires to cater Technological Education and other Special Education & Training for Rural Development. The programme of Rural Development are as follows:

Agro Horticulture Training & Dev. Center Social Vetenary Services Project. Primary School (Non Formal) for drop out students including Girls. Different certificate courses approved State Council of Tech.Edcn.

Vocational Training Programmed

For development of Technical know-how and skill of Professional, Advanced Students, small sale entrepreneurs; and for unskilled and skilled artisans / Diploma Courses shall immediately be introduced on approval of competent Authorities like State Council of Technical Education (SCTE), DOEACC; W.B. University of Technology (WBUT) etc. A few such courses maybe cited below :

  1. Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Some Novel courses like :

  1. Geographical Information System(GIS)
  2. Total System Installation & Maintenance (TSIM)
  3. Highly sophisticated Electrical / Electronics System Maintenance(HSESM)
  4. Entertainment and Household System Maintenance (EHSM)
  5. Tribal, Backward Minority Development Programme (TBMDP) (FOR BOTH URBAN & RURAL DEVELOPMENT)

SIAE devises various technical and Hands-on-Training and social welfare programmes for upliftment of Tribal,Backward and minority classes of people [particularly for the Tribal Women; distressed Christian and Muslim women community] for rural development of our country.

Agro – Horticulture & Food Processing Trg. & Dev. Centre including Pisi – culture & Flower culture

Considering the tremendous viability of this faculty in our State and huge scope of self employment  this faculty should be one of the premier projects of SIAE.  Suitable Ago land is required vicinity to Calcutta & its suburbs. This will be done in later stages through the surpluses generated .