Swaraswati Puja



The students of this institute celebrate Saraswati puja every year. All the arrangements are done by the college students only. The students look forward to celebrate this day with full dedication. The decorations for the puja are also done by the students. A rangoli is drawn in front of the main gate to welcome everybody. All the students come in Indian dress on this day. The students also make lunch arrangement for everybody.Ex- students also visit the college on this day. The teachers are also invited to have lunch on this day. The annual prize distribution, Utkarsha, is also held on this auspicious day, where prizes are given out to students who excel in different category. The prize distribution ceremony ends with a small cultural programme performed by the students of this institute.

Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony


Annual Prize Distribution (Utkarsha): The annual prize distribution of this institute is called as Utkarsha.This ceremony is held on the auspicious day of saraswati puja every year. In this ceremony prizes are given out to students who excel in different fields. This ceremony is mainly organized to encourage the students to work hard and do better in future. The ceremony is held in the college premises chief guest is also invited in this ceremony to give out the prizes to the students. The faculty of this institute also attend this ceremony. This ceremony ends with a small cultural program performed by the students of this institute only. It is a small but entertaining program.

College Magazine


The college magazine is named “MIRAGE”.  The students of our college write about various topics in this magazine. Our institution allows the total creative flow of the students in terms of thoughts, ideas and innovation. In this magazine all types of writings are entertained such as creative writing, poems, short essays, science fiction, and other forms of writing. Several photographs on different topics and issues are also published. All the articles are collected from the students and then they are shortlisted according to their standard and social evaluation. Articles on current affairs and burning issues of the society are also published in this magazine. There is a committee for editing this magazine. This is an opportunity for the students to show their creativity. This magazine is published yearly.

Annual Sports Meet


Annual sports are conducted during the month of February every year. Students actively participate in various team and individual events. In this sports meet students show overwhelming enthusiasm and interest in all individual, team, track & field events. To boost up the spirit of the participants a chief guest is invited who is an eminent personality from any field.  The victorious students in sports competition are given prizes for their achievements in the prize distribution ceremony. In this way the annual sports day end up in a very jovial way.

Freshers Welcome


FRESHERS (ANANDAM): Freshers is the programme that is arranged to welcome the 1st year students in college. In SIET the freshers is named as ANANDAM. Here various cultural programmes are carried out by the 2nd year and 3rd year students in order to welcome the 1st year students. The stage decoration and all the arrangements are done by the senior students.This is generally carried out on the college premise. Each student is presented with gifts and food packets in the freshers programme. Anandam entertains only traditional bengali dress code for all the students. The programme is carried out through out the day with all exciting woes. The 1st year students give their introduction in front of the whole college in this occasion. In this way they introduce themselves to the whole college officially and are welcomed by all to the college and start a new journey of three years.



The College festivals are one of the most awaited events in the wholeyear.The fresher is followed by fest which is a big event in this institution. The fest of this institute is named as ‘Ecstasy’. The fest is organized by the students of 3rd year with the help of the students of junior classes. The students get to showcase their talents through this cultural meet. Students of other college are also invited to participate in different categories like Antakshari, Solo singing, Band performance, Western and Eastern group dance performance, Eastern vocals (solo).A part of the total sponsorship is collected by the students in terms of advertisement. There is one organizing committee for the fest and in this organizing committee there are several overheads such as cultural overhead, advertising overhead, marketing overhead, and finance overhead. All the students work hand in hand for the success of the fest. The students of this institute also perform in this fest. The programme ends with a guest performance by an eminent band.

Intra College Competition


Every year the college holds different intra college competition. This is done to encourage the students to excel in extra-curricular activities also. The different intra college competitions are debate, quiz,creative art,cricket tournament, football tournament, badminton tournament. The winners of these competitions are awarded on the annual prize distribution day. These competitions are held throughout the year. The students of the institute participate in these competitions with great enthusiasm. The faculty of the institute also participates in these competitions. Thus making these competitions even more  interactive.

Picnic And Excursion


Picnic and excursion is truly a lucrative thing for the students. Our institution organizes picnics and excursions each and every year to different parts of west Bengal. Excursion fall under the educational syllabus of certain courses and are made compulsory for those students. This excursion extends from one day to seven days of duration. It is conducted in a very cheap cost and is accompanied by the concerned teachers. The picnic is a one day event. All the students join the picnic in order to make it a success. Again it is quite cheap keeping in mind the various financial standards of the students coming from different backgrounds. Exotic places, friendly euphoria, a different life for a few days make it truly exciting for the students and thus they look forward to it.