Teachers require three sets of competencies : first, mastery of the content / subject knowledge; second, pedagogical skills;and third, professional aptitude and judgment.A core component of teacher education programme, builds these three sets of competencies in the prospective teachers.. Exposure to the course, coupled with Institute’s academic climate, further reinforces and consolidates internship programme .


The student-teachers are to be placed in a school to observe lessons taught by school teachers, and get themselves, acclimatized to the school context.
They learn how to prepare scheme of teaching and lesson plan in their respective  method subjects.
Undertake pedagogical analysis of topics for teaching lessons taught by the Institute’s faculty.
Observe demonstration lessons taught by the Institute’s faculty.
The lessons taught by peer students should be observed and discussed.


  1. Apart from continuous on-site review and feedback, post-internship review is a regular feature of the Institute.
  2. A 3 6 0o review of performance of student-teacher is done, strengths and weaknesses are identified, deficits diagnosed and feedback given
  3. Post-internship appraisal forms the basis of planning of internship programme for the forth-coming academic session.