Now days, quest for quality has come to the centre-stage of the education system, with the emergence of a globalised world system. What matters is quality and nothing else. Quality of teaching, almost without exception, depends on the quality of teachers. Teachers have the opportunity and privilege of making a difference to young students they teach. The quality of the teachers depends, to a large measure, on the quality of the teacher preparation programs offered in Teacher Education Institutions. To put it simply, teachers are made, they are not born. The aims of SIET are to produce prospective teachers comparable to the best in the world, to produce teachers, who value children, their hopes and aspirations and strive for meeting or excelling consumer’s satisfaction. The SIET create a teaching workforce resilient enough to adapt to dynamics of change. The institute prepares teachers who believe in inclusiveness and excellence. In view of the above context “Excellence and Service” constitute the mantra of “SIET”.