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Welcome to Syamaprasad Institute of Technology and Management(SITM).We are interested in the creation and dissemination of knowledge for the emerging needs of India and the global economy of the 21st century. Educational institutions are social institutions created to serve a purpose – to develop the human capital with required knowledge, skills and competence. This human capital, the produced means of production, is the greatest asset of a nation. Education and training, with quality and relevance, creates this invaluable asset, and significantly adds to the “competitive advantage” of a nation. The primary objectives of SITM are at fostering, working and propagating all sorts of academic, economic, and cultural HRD oriented functions including research and training for true upliftment of the society. This objective is RIGID. Further the objectives of this institute is to fulfill the aspiration of the society by promoting and catering the general and specialized educational training, research and other cultural activities in order to prepare the youth of the society and face them the challenges of market economy and globalization.



The twenty first century being the cutting-edge millennium of the epoch absolutely depends on knowledge. And the knowledge again, depends on the tools its exploits. IT is the principal tool in the acquiring and augmenting the knowledge BCA (H) under West Bengal University of Technology serves this purpose. MCA students and other personnel usurping IT tool shall be greatly benefitted   through SITM. SITM has planned diversified branches of IT to combat the challenges thrust upon the student and youth of our society in this age of globalization and privatization. Our effort to build up the career of our student would be successful provided we can achieve a good human resource of both stake holder and teachers, the soul of every educational institution.



Syamaprasad Institute of Technology and Management (SITM)) was established in 2002 being approved by the govt. of west Bengal an affiliated to West Bengal University of technology (WBUT). The college got it affiliation on 6th May 2002 [College Code-153/ Vide No WBUT Affli No. 190/Regis/BCA dt. 06.05.2002]. So 6th May is the Birth Day of SITM while foundation day of SIAE is 18th June 2001.
The college SITM, being affiliated by WBUT initiated its instruction program as per WBUT academic schedule w.e.f 1st July 2002.
In view of the above aspiration, “Excellence and Service” constitute the “Mantra” of SITM.

























































































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